Here are the web addressed to our few YouTube videos. Remember they are unlisted, so you need the address to find it. I am not going to make them into links so it keeps it even safer for the kids privacy. Please remember these are not to be shared with friend or family without asking first. Thank you. - runway show walk 1 2012 - runway show walk 2 2012 - runway show walk 3 2012 - runway show walk 4 2012 - music video take 1 2012 - music video take 2 2012 - music video 2013 - Norwegian class June 12, 2014

Here is links to all the BBC photos I have on Shutterfly. Around 2010 I stop making disks for the parents after I found out a few parents weren't even looking at them. They would take hours sort out to make each one, so I just started uploading it all to Shutterfly. I had already starting doing it for a few things anyway. You can take what you want and you know it is always there.

Please remember to respect the privacy of all the BBC children and not share this page (which should be login protected) or pictures without asking. And yes, there are some pictures that happen outside of BBC. But they were with BBC kids, so at the time I added them so I wouldn't lose them.

9/9/14: New pictures added to Shutterfly.

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