Welcome to the parent page! Hope you find that having all the weekly, monthly and even yearly information all in one spot is helpful to you. A special thank you to my friend Ashley (aka ThistleGirl) for making all these fun designs for us to use. Please note in December the button bar is NOT correct with the links. I know this and waiting for Ashley to make us a new one that is more update with our current class needs.

Bravenet that allows us to use passwords for the parent page has changed. I used to pay $45.00 a year to have this offered to us. They now only offer it has a whole package with a lot of other things I do not need or would ever use for $200.00 each year. They do have this free one that has an add on the bottom now. We are going to go with that. I know the ad is annoying, but hardly anyone visits this site much. And when you do, you are not spending a lot of time on this page and the rest of the site is ad free.

Please make sure you are checking out the site at least once a month. I spend hours on these each week/month. I would hope you would take 5 minutes to check the lesson plans and calendar on here. I made this page just for you (the parents) to make it easier for you! Think of it as pre-kindergarten work for parents. When they go off to school you won't get daily reminders on what they need to help remind you. *smile*

Just a reminder that contracted hours are your set hours. It is not okay to drop off ten minutes earlier (without asking, there may be a fee involved) and it is not okay to pick up late (please call). Please park all the way to one side or the other when in the driveway to make room for others. You can also park on Terrance Road and walk across the street.

Please remember they need running shoes here daily (unless there is snow on the ground) and outside gear for the weather. No drop offs after 9:30 (9AM if there is a class) and no pick ups between 12:15-3:15pm unless a child is sick. Only one pick up and drop off per day unless the child is going to regular scheduled school services/therapy...etc.

Breakfast is for those that are here between 7-7:30AM. If you come at 7:30AM or later please make sure you are eating breakfast before coming to school.

Meet the BBC Families for 2017-18 (preschoolers and school agers only)
I did not list any children that haven't yet or were not in the BBC program.

Kim & Travis - Wyatt, Ellie (school ager), Emma (school ager)
Kristin & Steve - Norah, Easton (school ager)
Alisha & Jeff - Bailey
Mark & Katie - Benjamin, Brianna (school agers)
Rachael & John - Olivia
Allison & Kyle - Lucas
Ousmane & Abdou - Boubacar, Chaikou (school ager)
Gretchen & LaShawn - Brock
Jen & Joe - Sydney

On Facebook? Check us out there for fun weekly updates and pictures: https://www.facebook.com/bigboxofcrayonspreschool

Up Coming Days Off
Monday February 19, 2018 - closed - President's Day
Friday March 9, 2018 - closed - vacation time
Friday March 30, 2018 - closed - Good Friday
Monday April 2, 2018 - 8:30AM Late Start - day after Easter
Wednesday April 25, 2018 - close early possibly - dance picture night
Friday May 11, 2018 - CLOSED - Provider Day
Thursday/Friday May 17/18, 2018 - CLOSED at 4:30PM? (dress rehearsal/dance recital)
Friday/Monday May 25/28, 2018 - CLOSED - Memorial Day
Thursday June 7, 2018 - CLOSED - vacation day volunteering at Sydney's school field trip
Wednesday June 20, 2018 - shorten day waiting to hear when kindergarten graduation is.
Thursday June 21, 2018 - 8AM Late Start
Monday-Friday - July 2-6, 2018 - CLOSED - Summer Break
Thursday/Friday July 26/27, 2018 - contracted days - closed
Friday August 3, 2018 - contracted day - closed
Thursday August 9, 2018? - close at 3PM - back to school night
Monday August 13, 2018 - contracted days - closed
Tuesday August 14, 2018 - Half Day 9:30 to 2:30PM - Sydney first day of school
Monday-Friday August 27-31, 2018 - CLOSED - mix of vacation days and contracted days off - family here from Norway.
Friday September 3, 2018 - contracted day - closed

Up Coming Doctor/Dentist Appointments
Dentist Appointment - May 14, 2018 - both shouldn't need to close early if no major road delays at that time into Minneapolis.
Sydney's 6 Year Check-up - March 2018 - no need to close early

Closed already in 2016-17 School Year - that wasn't a schedule paid or unpaid holidays
The names after means children that would have been there if I had been open. I do factor in flex/part time children that came other days that week instead so they will NOT be counted.

Vacation Time - 10 days per school year
March 9, 2017 (Bailey, Lucas, Bouba, Norah, Brock, Olivia, Benjamin)

Sick Time - 5 Days per school year
Sick Time - November 20, 2017 - Ms. Jenni and Sydney threw up night before (Bailey, Olivia, Lucas, Bouba, Benjamin, Brock)

Weather/Emergency - 5 Days per school year

Sick/Personal Time used: 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes depending on family
Vacation Time used: 0 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes depending on family

*Remember vacation and sick time go off if you were going to be there that day and what your contracted hours were on that day. Each family might have a different amount. Time is not counted if we close early to go straight into a family event. I don't charge you extra for working the extra hours, so I don't count closing early in my vacation time early since I am still working.


Thank you for helping your children learn about caring, giving and supporting others that aren't as lucky as we all are. It is a lesson if learned young will bless others for their whole lives.

Each school year (September to September) each family needs to donate one hour of time per child to BBC at BBC or 2 hour if cutting/prep projects at home. This can be anything from helping fix something BBC related, helping build something for BBC, to helping on a field trip, teaching us something, to prep work you take home and bring back, to coming in and volunteering for an hour in the classroom. If you really can not do an hour per child, then you an donate a $25 gift card for each hour from either Lakeshore Learning or TeachersPayTeachers.com in exchange for your one hour per child.

For 2017-18
Norah - 1 hour
Boubacar - 1 hour
Wyatt - 1 hour
Benjamin - 1 hour (done - family carpooled on cold days so we didn't need to go down to bus stop)
Olivia - 1 hour (volunteers in summer coaching)
Lucas - 1 hour
Bailey - 1 hour
Brock - 1 hour

Want to help get the word out about BBC? Think about writing a review about BBC, so other parents know it's worth checking out.
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You can fill out and mail it a form for Angie's List. Angie's List (you do not need to be a member to fill out a review.)
Company ID: 6620052

Think I am a great provider? Let the county and my licensor know I am. Provider Of the Year is a popular contest to win most of the time (that is off the record). It is still nice to be nominated and it shows licensing that at least one family thinks I am doing a good job. Nominations usually semi follows the school year middle of August to middle of August the following year. The keep changing how your enter a provider. So it's best to use the contact form on the LCCPAC website to ask them and they will point you in the correct direction.

How to contact licensing if you need to report something. Remember reporting false information (aka mad about one thing and reporting another) is against the law. Report only true concerns about a provider. Please remember BBC is NOT a center, so please do not complain that it's not run like one.

Anoka County Child Care Licensing
Anoka County Government Center
2100 3rd Avenue, 5th Floor
Anoka, MN 55303
Currently the social worker assigned to BBC is Pam.


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