Program Fee Every child enrolled at BBC full/part time will pay the month fee of $30.00 per month that is split into $15 payments billed in Brightwheel. This helps to pay a fraction of the cost for extra curricular activities (ie: music, storytellers, yoga, tumbling, Travel Tots, ASL, Norwegian, Adventures in History, dance, soccer...etc.) This also goes towards our parties, events and sponsoring community service projects. Children that are drop in (aka school agers or those that come after services) will pay a $10.00 per day fee for each day they are here for extra curricular activities which we call Specials up to the $30.00 a month. There might be a fees for in school and out of school field trips when they come up. (No field trips some years.)

This includes all preschool curriculum.
All children are in the same classroom. They each work at their own level and pace on common classroom themes/units.

All children attending BBC must be able to go up and downstairs without help while holding on to the railing, drink out of a normal cup, sit in a child size chair and be able to nap on a mat. We do not use bottles, nuks or pack n plays at BBC. No stuff animals/dolls at nap time unless a special stuffy day. They need to be children that aren't going to try to walk out the front door or the back gate. If you have what we call a "runner" or "escape artist" safety wise this is not the right spot for your child.

BBC does not offer special need care for children with ADHD, Autism and needs along those lines, unless they have funding to supply their own PA to be with them while attending BBC and the PA can pass a background check, has their fingerprints listed with the FBI (part of the rules now for family child care) and has current training for a MN preschool class room. BBC keeps trying to enroll children with these types of needs and the families always have to leave at some point. It is just not a good fit for a single teacher classroom. Ms. Jenni has to look out for the needs all of the students, not just any one child. Plus it's not fair to children with special needs that need more one on one attention at times to not be able to get it when needed. BBC is NOT peanut/tree nut free and is not on the food program. Children are offered water and 1% milk while at school. Right now children are bringing their lunches from home on Fridays.

Preschool Tuition Rate Chart (2023-24)
Full days include preschool and child care together in price. These rates are with the non-paid days off discount worked in, otherwise see drop in rate. Part time is at least 2 days a week ($80 min before fees). Add $5/day for flex schedules week to week schedules for retail and medical workers need to be set at least 4 weeks out always (Ie: On May 15th I need to know what is happening June 15th for the child's flex schedule.) Flex care families have 6 holidays they will pay for each year. We also can talk about a special rate if you need care for only part of the year (ie: teachers, traveling out of the country long term)...etc

Preschool Mornings 8AM-12PM: $140.00/wk or $35.00/day

Preschool & Afternoon Care 8AM-4PM: $165.00/wk or $42.50/day.

Preschool Extended Day 7AM-4:30PM: $180.00/wk or $47.50/day

Flex care option is back. Families must pay for at least 5 days in the two week billing cycle for this option.

Drop In Rate: $65.00/day. $10.00/hour with 3 hour minimum.

Anoka County Family Child Care Rates - They take the lowest and the highest and come up with the average rate. This includes all licensed daycare providers, if they do a preschool programs or just daycare. If they are open 5 hours or 10 hours a day. Think Small updates this yearly usually in the late Summer.

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