You are interested in BBC now what?

1. Read this page of the website.
2. Check the tuition page to see if BBC has the hours you are looking for.
3. If you are still interested email to make an appointment. Please do not call to make an appointment. I will come off as non professional because I am only half listening to you while trying to watch and teach the children. Sorry, they come first.
4. Ask for the handbook and policies to be emailed to you. It is a lot to read and take in.
5. Email back the Tour Information Sheet (will not do a tour without it)
6. Reply to the email sent the evening before the appointment to confirm your tour to following day. All appointments that are not confirmed are canceled.
7. Please call or email to cancel if you change your mind or your child is ill. If you are more than five minutes late without a call the tour is canceled. My time is just as important as yours.
8. Come check out BBC and see if this wonderful preschool is right for your child!

Open: Each family has contracted hours that are somewhere between 7AM & 4:30PM, Monday - Friday. (Might vary year to year.) Extended Care is for a fee if you need time outside of your set hours which you pick from times available below. BBC does not do care before 7am or after 4:30pm. This is not a center and after 50 hours with the children and another 10 plus each week doing cleaning and prep work for the preschool. Well, my family would like to see me.

For full time openings, please email me what hours you need and I will get back to you if we have an opening. Please note that BBC enrolls no more than two children under the age of 3 years old at any one time. If those two spots are filled then, I can only add them to the wait list. At that time then, I can only take children 2-5 years of age. This is a preschool; my preschool license doesn't allow me to do infant care. I am not a daycare provider, if you need infant care please looks to LCCPAC ( to help you. Thank you.

School Age: Children enrolled for preschool are allowed to stay when they move on to school. Once is a very great while I will allow a school ager that did not grow up in the program, but has excellent behavior and a younger sibling to both enroll together. School age children that do not come weekly are considered drop in care on non-school days. I can only take children up to my ratio. Please sign up for these days ahead of time or arrange for other care. I need to know by April 1st if you are planning to enroll your school age child in the summer care program here at BBC. Forms will go home early March for you to fill out. Do not wait, some summers I have to turn away children. School age child need to be quiet during naptime and bring daily a book to read. Ms. Jenni will print out worksheets for them to do during this time as well. After one hour, they are allowed to bring out their iPads and Kindle Fire with headphone from home. Things like YouTube is not allowed at BBC. I can not police what the are watching, so please make sure you know what is on their tablet before bringing it to school.

School Bus: Jefferson, Johnsville and North Point all do not pick up nearby without special arrangements with the school's bus company. Extras bus fees to your child's school may apply. Parents are responsible for all bus payments and arrangements. Once a child leaves the front door for school, BBC Preschool is not accountable for the child until they walk back through the door after school. It is your job to arrange for the bus to pick up in front of my house. BBC does not walk children down to a bus stop. The class does walk to the DaVinci Academy bus stop twice a day to put children on the bus and get them off again. There is a fee involved if you would like us to do this for your child, and we do not allow in the colder winter months. All children walk to the bus stop daily in any sort of weather.

Wait List: From time to time I will have a few families on my list, waiting for their child to be old enough to enroll or for me to have a certain number of spots open at the same time.

We have a wonderful bunch. I fill available part and full time spots pretty fast when I list them. Affordable home child care with my unique preschool program and strong sense of closeness in the BBC preschool family is something in high demand. If you are looking for the cheapest care, then Big Box of Crayons Family Preschool is not for your family. If you are looking for a great place for your child to learn and grow and make life long friends come check us out.

Big Box of Crayons Family Preschool may not be right for you if....
1. You do not (or can not) check your email daily (lots of information is sent via email including weekends). Families need to be able to check their email every day.
2. You cannot remember with the help of a weekly emails and monthly calendars what your child might need for a certain day of the week.
3. You are simply looking for someone to just watch your child. This is not daycare.
4. You are unable to pay the last day of your child's week for the following week(s) of care.
5. You feel your child is sick often, or will not cover their mouth and/or wipe their nose.
6. You do not have some sort of back up care/plan for when your child is sick or when Ms. Jenni's daughter is sick.
7. You cannot be respectful and follow the preschool rules of BBC.
8. You do not want an active part of your child's preschool career (ie: not help with the monthly family homework project, ask them about their day, help them find something for the theme for show n tell...etc.)
9. You are hoping that BBC will "fix" your child. No child is broken. Each child just has their own way of learn.
10. You aren't looking for a wonderful school for your child to learn, grow educational AND socially, and just have a ton of fun.

I give tours by appointment only in the evenings when I am looking to enroll new students. Usually in March for summer and fall enrollment. Please email me to set one up. I do not like to take calls about tours. It takes away too much time from the children (or my family) and I can't give detailed answers. I schedule tours usually on Wednesday or Thursday evenings at 5:15pm or 6pm. I do not tour on the weekends. I do not tour alone in the house for safety reasons and there are no first tours during the day. Your child needs to come to the tour. This gives me an idea of what your child is like and is a way for them to explore the preschool a little bit on their own before meeting the full class during a preschool day. (Please call/email and reschedule if anyone in your family is sick at all or can't make it.) If you are more than 5 minutes late (without calling) to your tour it could be canceled. Please call if you get lost or running late or you could come and find a note on the door saying the tour is over. No family will tour without sending back in the tour info sheet that will be emailed to you when picking a tour time. Not filling this out and sending it back is like canceling your tour appointment. On the day of your tour you will get an email that morning confirming your appointment, please reply. No shows are no fun and not fair to Ms. Jenni's family.

Please view this website (including PDF files that will be emailed to you or given a link to go look on the website) and come with a list of questions for me. I am interviewing your family as much as you are interviewing me. Please do not get upset if I do not offer you a spot in our class. It doesn't mean there is anything "wrong" with your child or family. I am highly selective in finding just the right fit for the class at any given time. It has worked out beautifully when I have stuck to what I feel is best for the preschool. The children and families at BBC continue to be friends long after they leave BBC. We truly are like a second family just a school one.

Please understand this is a family preschool. We do have free play time, but we have 1-2 circle times and daily lessons based on where your child is at academically. BBC has a pretty set schedule. We do change things, if it's best for the whole class as we are forever growing. I do not change our schedule just for one child/family. If you do not feel your child can handle both "working" and playing, then this is not the place for your child right now. There is nothing wrong with that. This is also true if you do not think you can keep up with our lesson plans. There are MANY excellent daycares and less involved preschool programs out there. Some do have a loose preschool program, if that is more what you are interested in. Others are more like mine, but could focus on other things. Some just allow the children to play all day and build up their social skills. Everyone is different and that allows you to be selective in your search as well. There is one that is just right for your family!!!

If I do feel it might be a good fit and you agree, we can set up a second visit. Second visits are during the day between 8:30-10:30am for your child to come play with the class for an hour or two without their parents around. This way the children get an idea of what the class is like and I can see how the class blends with the current group of children enrolled. The cost is $10 per hour to do this 2nd tour, so up to $20 for 2 hours. There are two papers you need to fill out and have here before your child can come during the day. The Admission and Arrangement Form and the Immunization Records Form. Please fill it out like you were enrolling. This is a rule for licensing. I will have to turn you away for that day if you do not have the correct forms and payment ready for your child's second tour.

I am very respectful of the children enrolled and their needs come first. I might have to ask you to come for a second tour from 8-10am, 9-11am or 3-4:30 to work around something already planned in our class. Thank you for understanding.

After the second tour/visit, you can then pay the $30 enrollment fee and get your enrollment packet (most is online that you will be sent a link to). You are not enrolled until I have this packet back with a start date and first week's tuition. If you wish to start more than one week after you pay the enrollment fee, there could be an extra fee involved to hold your spot. If more than one family wants to enroll that are great fits, it always goes by who gets all of their paperwork and fees paid to me first. The other family will go on the wait list. All fees are nonrefundable, so please get your paperwork in on time. This is a business; I cannot hold spots for free while parents try to make up their minds. I understand your need to think it over. Please do not feel rushed. I just do not hold spots.

If you make an appointment to come in for a tour and then find other care or get busy, please call and cancel or move your appointment. I fully understand things come up or you found a great place that works for you. All I ask is that you call/email and let me know. It is very rude to make my family wait for dinner or evening plans for a tour that does not show up. If you get lost, are running late, or something comes up, please call and move your appointment. It might be a good idea to take my phone number or email address with you the day of the tour in case something comes up. I do not offer another tour for families that are no shows.

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** Forms are no longer on this page. If you would like to see them please email me for a temp user name and password to their new location. Thank you.