Welcome to Big Box of Crayons Family Preschool - your child's home away from home.

Curriculum - Weekly lessons are taught with influences of Montessori and Reggio theories. This is a school in my home, not drop in daycare. I will treat it as such and will expect your family to do the same.

BBC Preschool will have family projects, special theme days, and things that they will need to bring in as homework. This is to help keep it fun and to bring home things they are learning at school for you to do together. There will be a theme of the week and a clear lesson plan laying out what we will be focusing on in the different interest areas for that week. I will also try from time to time to make copies of songs, finger plays and list of books we read during group time. This is so you can further the learning at your home if you wish to do so.

Everything is done in a very, fun low-key way to set them up for grade school. School Ages will not work on their homework when they get home from school (but can during rest time on non school days). I feel that a child needs time to play and be a child when they get home from school. The homework will need to be done at your home later that night unless there is a special request to get it done because of a family event or the child has a sporting practice early that night. We spend most of our afternoons outside - year around.

If you are looking for someone to simply babysit your child and set them in front of a TV, then this is not the place for your child. Once a month, a movie will be a part of the lesson plan. In case of bad weather and we cannot get outside or if all the children need a little break, we might pop in a movie. It rarely happens unplanned. A TV can be used as a learning tool, but not as an alternative to teaching the children.

We have a very multi-cultural based program here at BBC. I feel that it is very important for the children to know about their own city, but also the world around them. This teaches them to honor and respect that everyone is different and that is a beautiful thing. We learn about worldly topics and events (brought down to their level). We also do outreach projects for third world countries. BBC sponsors a child from Africa and corresponds with him. We have a Global Awareness class once a week and focus on a new place. We sometimes bring in Travel Tots, but not often since the children here at BBC usually know more about the countries then what Travel Tots has to offer. However, we do it just for fun sometimes. While I come from a very strong Christian background, I do teach the children about ALL religions here at BBC.

We will do art projects (which I feel is about the process of the art and not the final product so do not be looking for a ton of cutie pre-made art projects – I think all children's art is wonderful and worth being displayed), Writing Lessons, Science Experiments, Problem Solving Tasks, Counting Activities and just good old free play time since playing is one of the key ways a young child learns.

BBC Preschool is set up by Interest Areas: Each area will give your child the freedom to play and explore while learning important social, emotional and educational skills they will need for the school years ahead of them. You would be surprised at the fine and gross motor skills they pick up just by playing with certain things. BBC Preschool also has a big backyard to enjoy during outside play so the child have room to run around, explore and just be in the fresh air every day.

We will also be involved in Community (recycling, sending letters and pictures to seniors at a local Nursing Home) and Volunteer Projects (collecting items for things like the Food Bank, Sharing & Caring Hands, and Toys for Tots). We donated to Pajama Program, Ronald McDonald House and Children's Hospital NICU. BBC collects pillowcases all year long and the preschoolers help make dresses to ship to 3rd world countries as part of the Little Dresses for Africa project. This helps teach the children that everyone needs to work together to make a better tomorrow and give them a sense of pride in something they are doing to help something or someone else. Please help us with these projects when you can.

Semi Annual Conferences - I will watch, then record your child's growth in certain key fundamental area twice a year (3-4 year olds only). I will then offer to have a parent conference with you and show you their portfolio and what I have found. This is a great way for us to stay on the same page and both be working to help your child develop and learn in the best method for your child. However, my classroom is always open if you have any questions or concerns. I also have a shelf filled with excellent parenting books that you may borrow to read at any time.

In House Field Trips Music, Spanish, Storytellers, Sign Language, Cooking, Yoga, Computer, Dance, and Soccer are just some of the classes that the child could be exposed to during the year. We have a yearly visit from Santa at our holiday program as well.

Field Trips we have gone on in the past included: Disney on Ice, Maple Grove Indoor Maze, Bunker Beach Pool, Blaine Beach, Grand Slam Play Zone, Northtown Mall Indoor Play Area, Applebee’s, Perkin's, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen, Big Dipper, Brown's Indoor Park, Pump It Up, Chuck E Cheese, Library, many different parks, and places nearby like the movie theater and bowling alley. BBC needs to have 4-5 children or less to go on a field trip or parents volunteering to drive us. BBC only goes on a hand full of field trips each year. We do try to go on several family field trips like Como Zoo (May) and the State Fair (August) were you would come with and we all meet together at a certain location.

Parties and Events - Winter Holiday Concert, Parades, Holiday Parties (BBC will celebrate all cultures and their holidays, but we do have weekly themes for Easter and Christmas), Family Picnic, and After Hours Movie Nights (a way for you to get some shopping done around the holidays without little eyes watching or get in an adult movie on your own). Keep in mind this is just some of the things planned.

Scholastic Book Orders will be offered each month during the school year as away to bring the learning from my house to your.

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